Segregating views

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In my last blog post I talked about how to add self registering keys to lua based sources and segregating views. Now I was finally free to add and use any keys I wanted to thegamesdb for fetching and using that metadata. Here’s how I used the newly added feature to grilo.

4th June - 25th June

As I had already added keys like description, rating, developer and publisher, I began by adding all the following remaining keys to thegamesdb and GNOME Games.

  • release date
  • coop
  • players
  • genre

These keys will be later used to display game metadata as description view.

What happened to segregating views?

For a long time now Games has had a very basic UI, displaying only a collection of games. Having already had added the developer key to Games, I chose to add a developer view, displaying collection of games by developer. Along with the developer view a platform view was also added to display collection of games by platforms. A GtkStackSwitcher was added to the header bat to easily navigate between these views.

Developer view

The games which do not use Grilo to fetch their metadata or the games for which the developer wasn’t available were assigned an “Unknown” developer.

Platform view

Game covers aren’t currently visible as thegamesdb have switched to a new API. I’ll soon be updating grl-thegamesdb to use this newly updated API.

I’ve already started working on description view mentioned above, and will be updating you all soon on it.


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