A summer with GNOME

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How it all began

It was October and I had no idea what open source was. My friend Sagar who was a GSoC’17 student encouraged me to get into open source starting with DigitalOcean’s Hacktoberfest. I was still new to open source but the beauty of tools like Git and concept of people all over the world contributing to their favourite softwares and projects attracted me towards it, but it wasn’t till late January that I actually started properly contributing to an org.

I had chosen GNOME.

Within just a few days, I fell in love with the simplicity of the code and the very supportive community of GNOME. My mentors, Ardien Plazas and Abhinav Singh were especially helpful and helped me get on track, by closely watching them handle the code with utmost care and simplicity, it quickly began apparent to me that more than developing a software, they were developing an art. I promptly began to understand the codebase and fix bugs as fast as I could. Encouraged by my friend, Sagar and already in love with GNOME Games, I applied for GSoC.

Now, GNOME had chosen me.

I am grateful for this oppurtunity that GNOME has provided me. My project will be, segregating games and displaying metadata. I am very excited to spend my summers with GNOME and certainly hope to learn a lot in the process.

Keep following for more updates regarding the development of my project and an exciting summer with GNOME!

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